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Change of Plans - Again

The revised timeline called for installation of the new hydronic heating and AC systems to begin today in parallel with day two of the tankless water heater. But our day began with a phone call from our salesman. According to him, our new air exchanger is a top of the line system that the manufacturer, Rheem, only produces in limited runs based on actual orders. Consequently, our air exchanger will not be ready for at least 3 weeks. This is not the end of the world but we have to ask why the folks at Bonney are just finding this out the morning installation is to begin. Their new plan, designed with the best of intentions, was to install a lower grade unit temporarily today and then return in three weeks time to remove that unit and install the higher grade system.
But we’re not actually in a big hurry and it seems a waste of time and money for the folks at Bonney. So we suggested they simply delay the installation until the correct unit is ready. So, the new new plan is for the installation to take place sometime in the first week of August. Here’s crossing our fingers. If things continue to be delayed we’ll make it to autumn and won’t need the new AC until next year. Happy