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Crawlspace Day

Maybe its just because now that the work has moved from the attic to the crawlspace so I can see what’s going on better than before, but today seemed like an action packed day. The insulation team started work on the crawlspace under our house. They can’t complete the job because the heating and AC team will need access to the duct work but most of the space is available.

First there was lots of prep work.

The guys put up plastic sheeting to prevent the fumes from spreading into the down stairs office area.

Plastic Sheeting Covering the Entrance to the Crawlspace

Then the old insulation had to come down.

crawlspace old insulation
The Old Insulation from the Crawlspace is Taken Down

We’re lucky because our crawlspace is relatively high. So most of the work can be done standing up.

spraying the crawlspace
Spraying the Crawlspace

By the way, that haze is not my camera, thats the chemicals in the air. Probably not smart for me to stand around taking pictures. My guess is that Pedro is wearing a spacesuit for a reason.

Work went fast and the crawlspace is as done as possible at this stage. Here’s your before and after.

crawlspace before
Our Crawlspace Before the Foam Insulation

crawlspace after
Our Crawlspace with the New Foam

Notice the foam is not as thick down here. I’ve sent an email to the owner to ask why but I did notice that the Department of Energy recommends R19 in crawlspaces in our region. I think thats about what we have here. The beams are 7.5 inches wide and in most places they filled the joist frame. So, with an R-Value of 3.5/inch for the foam, that would be R26.

The work in the crawlspace went so well the insulation team also started on the garage area. This is a little trickier. The problem we’re trying to solve is that our game room is immediately above our garage. But, since the garage is poorly insulated, the heat and cold from the garage migrates upwards to the game room. The game room is therefore too hot in the summer and too cold in the winter and consequently, we rarely use it. We’re hoping by improving the insulation between the garage and the game room, combined with our recent insulation of the garage doors, will make the game room more usable.

The strategy here is to remove a strip of the garage ceiling running perpendicular to the framing. The crew can then spray foam into the space in both directions on either side of the strip. Hopefully this will minimize the sheetrock that needs to be replaced. Here’s what that looked like in practice.

garage insulation 2
Pedro Spaying the Garage Ceiling

garage insulation 3
A Finished (sort of) View of the Garage Ceiling Insulation

Unfortunately, before they could finish they ran out of the chemicals to make the foam. Rather than come back tomorrow for a couple hours work in the garage, they’ll add this to the list of things to do when they come back to finish the rest of the job.