Garage Door Insulation

From day-one one of the main problems we want to solve with this HVAC/insulation project has been the temperature in our game room. Our game room is directly over our garage. Since the garage is unconditioned and poorly insulated and there was minimal insulation between the floors, the game room is rarely comfortable. It is too hot in the summer and too cold in the winter. Consequently, the largest room in our house goes largely unused.

As you saw in earlier blogs, we’ve now sprayed foam insulation between the floors. We’re hopeful this will help mitigate the problem. But, I’ve had on my to-do list for a long time insulating the garage doors. They are simple metal garage doors facing west. So in the heat of the afternoon, as the sun hits these doors, the metal doors helpfully pass the heat right into the garage.

We spent some time researching this project. If money were no object, we could replace the doors with insulated doors. This would be the best solution from an energy standpoint but it would also be about a $5K project which is more than we want to bite off. There are also high-tech insulating sheeting we could but on the doors. But the R-value difference between that and the stock garage door insulating kits available at my Home Depot was minimal. So we decided to take the path of least resistance. We needed two complete packages of the panels at a cost of about $60.00 ea. Total project cost was around $120 and took my wife and I about 2 hours to do. I’m skeptical about the project because nobody bled and I pretty much don’t do any home project without bleeding on it at some point. So, if the home repair gods do not receive their blood sacrifice......?

As DIY project, this one is super simple. We just trimmed the panels to fit our particular garage door and pop them in. Here’s some shots of the project and, of course, your before and after photos.


Your Basic Un-Insulated Garage Door


Cutting the Foam Panels to Fit (My beautiful wife doing the precision work!)


The Finished Garage Door